Web work by Vivian Selbo and Carl Skelton
Concept and Project Direction by Wayne Ashley, Ph.D.
Manager of New Media, BAM

based on

Part 2 of The Geography Trilogy
Directed and choreographed by Ralph Lemon
Costume design by Anita Yavich
Sound score by James Lo
Lighting design by Stephen Strawbridge
Set and visual design by Nari Ward
Dramaturgy by Katherine Profeta
Sound design by David Budries

Performed by (from left to right):
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Asako Takami
David Thomson
Wang Liliang
Bijaya Barik
Li Wen Yi
Carlos Funn
Wen Hui
Manoranjan Pradhan
Ralph Lemon
Cheng-Chieh Yu
Yeko Ladzekpo-Cole
Djédjé Gervais

— source audio and video:
  • 7 digital video tapes (510 minutes) of workshops in San Francisco, (February 1999 and 2000), Austin (February 2000)
  • 6 rehearsal tapes, Hi-8 to VHS to digital video transfers
  • 1 VHS tape of a Tree performance workshop, Yale (2000), digital video transfer
  • 1 Beta-tape of Beijing (August 1998), digital video transfer
— text and photographs:
  • Ralph Lemon's journal entries, rehearsal notes, and travel snapshots from February 1998 through January 2000.
  • professional black and white, and color-slide performance stills by T. Charles Erickson
— source texts used in the first script for Tree:
  • Baghavad Gita
  • Upanishads
  • Gita Govinda
  • Ka, by Roberto Calosso
  • Mahabharata
  • an Indian publication on rice
  • Mercali Earthquake Intensity Scale
  • Classification of Low Pressure Systems
  • traditional Chinese songs
  • transcript of Indian television program on the composition of sand
  • Earthquake descriptions published by Japanese Bureau of Social Affairs Home Office
  • List of Notable World Earthquakes
  • Descriptions of leaf anatomy
photo from Ralph's journal